dustings of the white veil (a winter demo)

by Hyena Elephant Follies

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released April 13, 2010

1 - 8
hyena is colby nathan and dylan kumnick

recorded to a tascam in dylan's basement
mixed by greg hartunian
artwork by francesca caruso

9 - 16
elephant is greg hartunian
follies is phil hartunian
with help from
eve axness and colby nathan

recorded and mixed by greg and phil at home



all rights reserved


Laughable Recordings Kennebunk


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Track Name: snow it come down
snow it come down
blanket the ground
people are quiet
winter arrived

snow it come down
I am afraid
I am awake
enlightened mistake

snow it come down
space heater, it died
space is now cold
cold as it's wide

snow it come down
unearthly it seems
ethereal dreams
I am a fake

snow it come down
how I shake strong
nothing for warmth
oh what went wrong?

snow it come down
snow it come down
snow it come down
snow it come down
Track Name: various methods of removing the spine
Don’t ask any questions
‘cause I hardly know the truth!
My excuse – it’s simple – I’m arrested
by the tentative nature of my youth.

I can’t commit
to a thought
you ought to know

you’ve been on my mind!
It’s not –
but it’s fine…

…with time.

Oh! where are you going?
Seems like you don’t know anymore.
Oh! how little you’re showing…
I’d give pride. I’d give joy.
I’d give anything just to avoid the

Track Name: the savage stain
The savage stain
lingers – remains
not a single trace,
but one of many clear signs!

So, contentment comes in waves
of productivity
or of chance
like the moments I may see your kind face passing

amongst the distant
and the cold
like those who sneeze my meatball brain
right into the clutter of the garden –

an amalgamation
of thought and mud and hard-ons…

So things are never clear
and I tremble out of fear
and wait for the savage stain to get me started.

So, I’m numb until that day
when I say,
I’ll work until the day I am departed.”
Track Name: waning days
Go on, take it, it’s yours…
to me, they’re nothing but chores.
Don’t ask me why –

not even a choice.
Go ahead. Go ahead,
put another gold star by my name,
or don’t, I am happy with nothing to claim.

It all gets to me –
I’m a body of insecurity.

Something happened I’m just not the same!
No, no, no, within me I’m certainly changed.
So unlike these damn, old, waning days…
and they just ain’t what I was hoping for!
I’ve been told I look whole,
I feel broken!
Track Name: brick wall'd harmony
Who are you?
Where are you going?
Don’t you know it’s snowing out there?

Out there it’s cold.
Out there, they’re cruel.
I’d love to let you know, but…

I’d love to have a word –
show you I can speak what I think,
uh, uh, uh, but, but, how…

can I even move?
What can I even say?
Okay, enough,


Harmony to those who are kind
and agony to the rest of ya.
Track Name: 02-12-06
In the dark
inside your head
you got reasons
I've never heard of,
and the light
graces your skin
oh, it's blue and unobtrusive.

It's the frost
upon your lips
and the words
that you once spoke with -
no they're frozen
stiff and dead
in the form
of an old letter

I had kept
in my attic
left to sleeping
out of habit
or defense
all I got left
are these words
so cold and fragile.
Track Name: yup, the sun is up
So we all
now agree
this life
should be
and fast –
and same for the sun which forever wont last

even though
he is god
and he strongly
and he sleeps
through the night
while we soil is land,
if you know what I mean.
Am I foolish with words
of our trivial needs?
and our vicious and violent, so valued beliefs

in the sun!
As the Lord!
And the Lord!
As our Leader!
And all
we have here
on his word
doth it teeter,
so I piss in the gutter
and I mutter whatever
and the beauty falls off it
just liter by liter
as we do it together
and weather the world
with our ugly demeanor
and cover our faces
forever and ever…

but it’s the little miracles that make us feel so blessed –
I step back and see the greater mess
of this picture we possess.
Track Name: such feelings are so very rarely useful
I made a joke
about losing hope,
but I hope you know that I was only joking.

I choked on my words.
Oh, could you have heard
the doubt of which I am spoken?

So, don’t you see?
They come to me –
the urges to make the leap,

but the risk is steep,
and the rewards are always cheap…
if you find any of this at all rewarding.

Oh, and I’m not sure
I believe every word
that I spew off in my sermon.

And certainly, you can take ‘em
or just leave
or decide to never even show at all.

So, I’m waiting
in this purgatorius glorious sleep
from which I may never rise again

up to the peaks
from which I have once leaped!
No, bravery, it truly makes me apprehensive.

And I’m pensive, in my way,
though I have little left to say…
my glass is even less than half empty.

Well, I was feeling blessed,
but now I resent it –
such feelings are so very rarely useful.
such feelings are so very rarely useful.
such feelings are so very rarely useful.